Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Adventures {My LIfe}

Summer Adventures - June 2010 (just a fair warning...this is going to be a LONG post).

Our summer has been wonderful so far, lots of busy weekends, some camping & it's only just begun. As you know we started out the month unpacking from a trip to visit my sister in Eugene. Grace must have thought the wind blowing in the window was a lot like the dunes trip because I looked back as we were driving through town & she was having a blast!

The following weekend we stayed around home doing things: went to High School Graduation & I had a portrait session.

Congrats YHS Class of 2010

The 2nd weekend in June was also a stay around home weekend; I took Anna on a yard sale date and then we went out to the lake for a picnic and family adventure picnic. Hubby did yard work & again found our friendly neighborhood slithering creature.

This is the 2nd time we've found this ''little'' guy in the yard, he's about 5 feet long-UGH!

During the week, Anna deceided it was the best idea to play dress up with Brody, he didn't really agree.

We celebrated my 26th birthday this week as well; my hubby took me out to dinner, we ended up going nowhere that he had planned, because apparently in our small community, it's cool to be closed on Mondays.

My birthday portrait (thanks to hubby)

Fathers day weekend we spent in Brookings, camping at Harris Beach with my dad & family.

We had a lot of fun, went on a little {unplanned} hike, which I DO NOT advise if you're packing a kid, not wearing shoes &/or pushing a double jogging stroller (haha).

(this was right before we began our hike)
Made s'mores (if you have never done this you should: spread the graham crackers with Peanut Butter-YUM, or instead of chocolate bar you could just use a PB Cup).

Enjoyed the peaceful relaxation of camping & Oregon Coast (even if it was windy & sand blasting occurred when we stepped foot on the beach).

We left Brookings to travel home on Fathers Day, but first we had some lunch with my sister & nephew, after we played on the beach for a little while (actually they played, I mostly fed the baby)

Our annual fathers day photo. ♥

Anna got to start Kindergym at the local Y. She really likes it & looks forward to going.

Grace continues to be our little spit-fire, tornado & resident dare devil.

She couldn't wait to get out the door & stomp in the rain. If she's riding the horse, she's not just riding the horse, she tests its limits, most days trick riding (aka: standing up on it and riding it), tipping it as far forward & back as it can go.

Thankfully, to counter balance the 2 crazy girls, we have calm, sweet & smiley Brody. He's such a wonderful baby, usually only crying to eat, be changed or held & he loves to snuggle and bath time (a lot).

This past weekend I took the kids to a birthday party on Saturday, hubby stayed home & worked on the fishing boat/trailer (a craigslist find that needs some sprucing up).
Sunday we packed up the herd & went to my Grandpas for a little birthday celebration, he turned 87 on the 29th.

We didn't take the boat, but we did go to the lake before the birthday celebration to do a little fishing...except it was too hot & the fish weren't interested in our hooks.

I made fried chicken, pasta salad & this really, super yummy Strawberry Cake (although this says cupcakes, I just did a single cake. & if you refridgerate the frosting, be sure to bring it to room temp before spreading or 'fluffing'- I learned the hard way) with homemade vanilla ice cream (Pa's most favorite thing, & I'm pretty sure he ate 12 servings that day).

The kids got to play with their cousin & run around enjoying the sunshine. It wouldn't be a day at Pa's without a little sarcastic humor, as he says to Grace "Most kids manage to get dirty during the day...what happened to you" :) haha She was literally a ball of dirt.

Sunday night it was beautiful out & I was about ready to download images to the computer, when I thought about taking one of the moon. It was such a nice night. We are loving the warm, sunny days & clear cool nights.

Off to do a little more work before the long weekend & more camping!


Wolfie said...

What a busy but fun summer you and your family are having!

Gabbina said...

Awww lovely pictures!!

Balinda {RebelChick} said...

wow! you do stay busy. I will have to try out the peanut butter cup idea for smores...sounds quite yummy!