Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Tiny Baby Boy {Newborn Portraits}

On Monday I had the opportunity to take some portraits of a little tiny newborn.

My day wasn't going so well, my appointment ran late, the flash decided it wasn't going to fire at all, & it was one of the preggo mamma days. When I finally got to offload the images from my camera I was so happy.

I just ♥ little tiny babies!
I also got a few of big brother & big sister.
And mamma with her babies...
We even got dad to sneak into a few right at the end.

Thank you for a great session & for allowing me the opportunity to capture your family.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love is in the air... {Family Session}

Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph a cute little family. I'll be putting together some wedding invitations for them this week for their upcoming wedding. Congrats!

...with the little man of the house...




Thank you for a great session. I'll be seeing you soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a Party...{My Life & P52}

...and I'm a bit late posting this. Between all the running around and the beautiful sunshine, I haven't been as diligent at posting as I would like to be.

Last Friday, my littlest princess turned 1. The year flew by! She's been a joy to watch grow & change, so different than her sister.

Happy Birthday Girlie!

...Lunch with Daddy for her Princess Day...

...celebrating on her day...she was really excited about the cake...

This past Saturday we had our girls' birthday party. It was lots of fun. We shared cake & ice cream, they opened their gifts, and enjoyed playing outside. We flew kites & played baseball. Thank you to all who attended and helped us celebrate our little princesses.

Making her ...Birthday Wish... {probably hoping for a horse she can ride}

Grace making her wish...or going after the frosting!
YUM! Cake (Thanks Robyn for this picture)
MMMM...sugary substance...YUM!
Playing on the new swing set. (Thanks again Robyn for this pic)
I made P52 easy for this past week, and although I didn't get them posted in quite the right amount of time...last weeks theme was Birthday.
This weeks theme is relationships, I'm hoping to catch some sweet ones....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mr E.B. is 6 months {Portraits}

Yesterday afternoon, in between Dr's (and with the weather cooperating) I finally got to take Little Mr E's 6 month portraits. Oh, he is so cute. Everything went mostly smooth, but I'm pretty sure that he's been chatting with his sister about portrait day.

Thank you B Family for a great session.

...One with the whole family...

...the little man...

Mr & his Momma

...look at his eyes, soo blue & beautiful...
...& he's such a happy little guy...
I'll get the rest of your images up this next week. Thanks again for a great session, you guys are wonderful!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Blog Award!

I've been blogging for a little over 2 years (est. Jan 2008) & I just received my 1st blogger award. WOW! Thanks to Amber over at Handmade by Amber, I have been tagged with the Master of Karate & Friendship Award.

So, as a receipiant of this award, I'm supposed to list 6 things that I'm a master at & then tag 6 fellow bloggers.

I'm pretty sure I'm not really a master at anything, because everyday is a learning adventure (yes I said adventure, I do have 2 children at home, under 3, soon to add another) & when we stop learning its just no fun.

There are some things I am pretty good at & even enjoy, so I'll go with those skills & talents. I will call them the things I am a Master (in training) at...

1- Crafting--be it sewing, scrapbooking, jewlery making, etc.. I have been spending probably way too much time doing these things lately (it must be the 'nesting' in me)...
2- Photographing--an always evolving, changing, & incredibly addicting art form. I haven't been spending nearly enough time on this as I should be.
3- Cooking -- my husband would probably say that's #1 (when we first met he didn't eat 1/4 of the things he will eat now) From baked goodies to oh so scrumptious meals (did I mention it's one of my favorite hobbies)
4- Motherhood -- with 2 (almost 3) children in this world, I should be very proficient at this job, but as anyone with children knows, it's definately never the same, never easy & never mastered. The little buggers always find some way to work around, what you've decided will work...
5- Avoiding Housework & Domestic dutys -- probably one of those things I am a master at... it's my least favorite duty of being a SAHM, because there's always tomorrow to clean this or that, today should be enjoyed with the kiddos..right?!?!
6- Observation -- I am usually pretty quiet & spend most of my time 'out & about' just observing. People watching & learning from what's going on around me. I take a lot in, but don't always give a lot of output.
Now to tag & award some fellow bloggers, but first...

The Rules:
1. List 6 things you are a master in.
2. Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship, and make blogging so awesome.
& the recipiants of this award are:
4. The Beautiful Miss Bing
5. Stacey J Photography
Thank you ladies for being great bloggers & wonderful people. Hugs!