Thursday, July 15, 2010

New! give me a T for 10 {10 Things}

The other day I was blog hopping as I often do while feeding the baby or procrastinating all the other things I need to get done & came across a post 10 for Tuesday. I thought it was a fabulous idea & will now have a T is for 10 feature weekly...either on Tuesday or Thursday. Since I don't have a whole lot to post about today, today will be the first T is for 10 Thursday.

Ten Things I want to accomplish before the end of the month:

1-Redesign this blog--making it more casual, still an extension of the business, but more 'life-ish'
2-Organize my business files (I've been a total slacker for the last 7 months)
3-File the file pile (another slacking disaster)
4-Go file the file pile, where I file files & finish QTR2 paperwork. :)
5-Get my 30 points for the SSD monthly challenges (need to get BUSY)

6-Photograph some cute babies and/or kids & families (this means if you're reading this you should book a session--if you mention this little sneak, I will give you a tremendous discount on your session fee (wink, wink)
7-Finish editing the twin newborn session & get fair photos mounted
8-Go fishing, camping & play outdoors with my family on the weekends.
9-Finish the big quilt that I have sitting out, it's been unfinished for almost 6 years & I finally have the backing for it.
10-Start the girls' new bedspreads (such cute fabric-inspired by this)

Here's another one of my fair entries for this year:

Happy Thursday enjoy the rest of the day--try to stay cool, it's currently 103* here, so we're inside having movie afternoon & hanging out. We'll be making up some homemade chocolate cupcakes in just a little while--special request from the kiddos today. ♥

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