Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost missed it {life}

If I hurry up & type this out quickly, this post will still go under Thursdays date.

I'm definitely ready for the weekend, for some fun in the sun & hitting up some yard sales. In search of new projects to add to my ever growing list, that I really need to start working on.

I know I did a 10 Things post on Tuesday, but since time is short & I haven't processed many photos for the web this week, I'm going to do another 10 things post & then showcase the last couple of fair entry photos (which is in 2 weeks-how time flies).

10 Projects on my To-Do list:
1. Finish my big quilt, the one I started over 5 years ago--I finally have everything necessary for the backing, just need to get to work.
2. Start the girls' new bedding--super cute & inspired by this. I picked up the fabric when we visited my sister Memorial weekend.

3. Wall Collage for my room with the kids' feetprints, etc. I picked up the shadow frame when I got to go shopping by myself a few weeks ago.
4. ReDesign/align my collage wall --just needs squared up.
5. Print new photos for the various little frames around the house.
6. Work on the kids' 'year' books
7. Move the girls' into 1 room & Brody into his own room (decide on his theme & work on that)
8. Start putting together ideas, collecting supplies, etc for our "Homemade Christmas"
9. Redecorate/arrange our bedroom
10. Make a new camera bag & matching strap and/or a new purse
The last of the entries for this year's Fair

Being Thursday, it's new release day at the Digi Chick & Nikki has this amazing kit, Back to the Farm, this week. It makes me super happy. My favorite green/yellow, tractors, pink, daisy, a sunflower..just lovely stuff. There's also a new template set (I used one on this page as well).

(linked for full credits)

Have a great Thursday for another 24 minutes. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be so late. :)

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