Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm still here... {My Life}

Yes I'm still here...just a bit busy with life. I've had blogging on my to-do list for several days, I just got to some photos & such to post though.

...just a typcial morning at our house, the girls want to hold Brody, but then get occupied doing other things, like getting "Sleeps out" & 'toe jams"

Although busy, there's not much new to post about.

Anna talks ALOT about EVERYTHING to ANYONE who will listen, Grace is our little Bully beating up her brother & big sister & Brody is growing & getting stronger everyday.

...thinking, & actually not talking for a moment...

...getting some loves from Daddy after throwing a toy into the toy box, only to have it bounce back at her, splitting her face open. The same day she deceided to throw a piece of plastic tubing at Brody which left a similar wound to his opposite cheek...

...our little big guy, he's growing so fast, 2 months already...

Now it's time to get ready for another weekend, they come & go so quickly. Housecleaning, laundry, errands....same drill different week.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A quiet week {My Life}

Whew! It seems like the last 7 weeks have been packed with lots of going. Going to doctors appointments, car appointments, life appointments, & a little fun thrown in as well. I'm really glad that we actually have NO appointments or must dos on the calendar this week.
It's been very enjoyable to just hang out with the kiddos, enjoy the sunshine streaming through the house, getting a few things done. I'm getting the new specials lined out, the newsletter organized, some scrapping, scheduling & planning in order (see the side bar for the Child Baby Contest special & a Senior portrait special)
Well we had nothing on the calendar, but both girls have had a cold & finally over the weekend it we did make a visit to the doctors office, got some antibiotics & now they are on the mend.

This trip however, was nothing like the adventure that little Brody took us on a week or so ago. He'd been visiting the doctor weekly for weight gain, then got a cold, so was asked to come back in 2 days, which ended up being a 3 night stay at UC Davis, where he was poked, poked some more, & finally sent home.

Orginally they were concerned with some of his chemistrys, but all the tests they ran came back negative & we ended up being discharged with a diagnosis: virus. We are so thankful & very greatful for all the friends & family we've got, & for all those who prayed, sent good thoughts, & best wishes for our little boy. Being at the childrens hospital was heartbreaking. An accumulation of our own worries, missing our girls, but even more than that, seeing all the other children there who had even bigger issues. It's hard to even put it into words the feelings that we left with.

In an attempt to become healthier & lower my chances of diabetes (I had gestational with all 3 babies) I'm determined to lose weight. My current goal is -65 lbs by December 15th, which equates to about 2lbs lost per week. I am also going to start the C2-5k program, once I figure out how to take all 3 kiddos without having to pack 1 or wait for another. So until I get that worked out we are walking, Anna can keep up on her bike & the little kidlets get to ride in the stroller, 1.2 miles is about all the little legs can take right now, and even that is a stretch.

As part of this journey I'm participating in an online challenge with some other wonderful ladies & every Sunday we post photos & our current weight. My sweet hubby gets the chore of taking photos for me. Although I don't think he considers it a chore, as he enjoys some photography as well...I have him to thank for this new portrait of me, which I happen to love right now, but I'm sure as things change, I will decide I don't really like it much. :)

Off to enjoy some quiet time & accomplish a little organization while the little babies sleep. I'll be back Friday with another post & the newsletter will be coming out then as well.

Have a great Cinco de Mayo!!! We'll be enjoying the evening at home with something new from the kitchen: chicken empanadas, mango & avacado salad, with some baked tortillas & salsa. YUM!