Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post #218 {10 Things}

It's Tuesday, this is post #218 on this blog--can you believe that since January 2008 I've managed to write something, or not much of anything, 218 times; sometimes happy, sometimes sad, lots of cute babies, & lots of progress; 18 of those time have just been this month! Whew!

I'm kinda grumpy today, mainly because my hubby works really hard, long hours, is a faithful employee, is very knowledgeable at what he does (for all those who don't know--he's a truck driver & prior to June 2008 we had a trucking business--he had a trucking business for more than 13 years & driven for longer) & he is very under appreciated at his job.
Have you ever known that one kid that got picked on a lot at school & then they grow up to be someones boss & they have huge power trips & take out all those years of frustration on their workers?!? Yeah, that pretty much sums up how things are.
Don't get me wrong I'm very thankful that he has a job & a job that allows me to stay home with the kids *although putting 3 kids into daycare would pretty much deplete any and all income I would generate outside the home*, but seriously...COME ON...

Anyways--today I'm doing T's Top 10--grocery edition (yes, I went grocery shopping-kind of-today)
1. Bananas
2. Box of spring mix
3. Whole wheat lasagna noodles & Wacky Mac
4. Dried Cranberries
5. 2 kinds of milk --whole fat & 1%
6. Pomegranate Tangerine hand-soap for the kitchen
7. Biggest Loser work-out DVD
8. PEZ refill
9. Diet Cherry Pepsi
10. Light Balsamic Vinaigrette

And something to sweeten up this post...

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