Monday, May 18, 2009

Matt & Jess {Wedding} Sneak Peak

Saturday was a beautiful day for a wedding. Matt & Jess were wonderful and their day was just as beautiful and wonderful as the 2 of them.
I've just begun sorting through the photos from the day and these are just a few of my far.

I stopped by the 139 year old country church on my way out to the brides parents home. It was gorgeous out, the sun shining and warm.

Although I would love to take the credit for capturing this photograph, I have to give it to my assistant for the day, also known as my husband. Isn't it spectacular!?!? I'm so proud of him for this shot.

Aren't the 2 (technically 3) of them so adorable. Congrats you guys!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Been a while...

WoW! It's been a while since I've posted anything new. Life gets crazy sometimes, & this past month has been no exception for me.

We moved into a new house in a new town (well not so new town, I grew up here). We are now renters & still unpacking boxes. Had our 'moving in' yard sale, it was successful, & I'm glad it's over. Hoping to eventually get the office/crafting room in some sort of workable order, but since it's 'my room' it will be last, and probably a never ending project.

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary, time has flown by so quickly & we've been through so much. I couldn't be happier. I have an amazing husband. We're not much into getting each other gifts, so I only expected to get a card, which would have been totally fine, but he totally suprised me this year. When I woke up there were a dozen (my first dozen ever) red roses sitting on the dining table. Then he arranged for a babysitter & took me to a resturant we'd never been to before. It was such a great day!

The girls are growing so fast. Gracie is already 3 months old (OMGosh). She is starting to 'talk' to us & changing everyday. The little miss can sit up with some assistance and rolls from her tummy to her back. She loves chewing on her fingers and being outside. And although this shot doesn't show them, she's got the cutest little dimples ever!

Anna is taking full advantage of the 'terrible twos'. Her attitude and personality are so strong & independant. She is talking a whole lot more and making more sense. Somethings she says are really funny, most days she's a little Polly Parrot!

Check back for some new pictures next week, tomorrow we're heading to the chapel for a spring wedding!!! Jess & Matt are finally tying the knot.