Friday, October 28, 2011

{Entered} Baby, it's Fall out here!!

It's another month & another chance to enter a photo challenge. This time I'm entering the Rock The Shot ( October Challenge, which is children & fall, together in one image.  Luckily, fall is my favorite of all the seasons, and children are one of my favorite subjects!

This little miss is just the sweetest thing.  I love, love this shot of her, she's in my Baby's First Year program, so this is our 3rd session.

Rock the Shot

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Miss A is 6 months & family portraits

Woohoo!! It's Wednesday, that means we're half way through another week. The end of the year & holidays (which I pretty much consider from October 1st through the new year) is always such a blur. It goes so fast and seems to sneak right up on me.
Saturday I had the privilege of photographing little Miss A for her 6 month portraits.  I can't believe how much she's grown in 3 months. Her little personality is just blossoming and I love it!  Such a sweet & smiley girl.
 And just because Halloween is coming in less than a week, we'll start of the peek with a look at Miss A & her big brother dressed in their finest Halloween attire. Which they wore for a brief time at the Pumpkin Patch, where we began our session together.
 After a little time exploring the patch, we headed into town to grab some of that fall color that's gracing the park these days. We also met Grandma & Grandpa. 

Thanks for a fabulous session!! I'll be in touch with you soon with your full gallery. Have a great week.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Scenic}Just a little Extra-Ordinary

One of our more recent favorite things to do while we wait for pre-school to be done during the weekdays is head into Greenhorn park & take a little 'nature' walk around the lake. It's usually too wet in the mornings to play on the 'park' but it's been decent for a little stroll. Grace asks lots of 'whats that' and "momma take my picture".  Brody just wants to get down & run. 
Friday I took my camera, hoping for some fall color and there is a tiny bit starting to emerge, but not out in full force yet. It was a gorgeous morning for photos.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

{Entered} Hands - I Heart Faces

A while back, when I first started following (also read: before becoming addicted to) Pinterest I pinned this adorable photo of a baby's hands that I just loved. I finally got to do my version of this a few weeks ago when I got to photograph newborn Baby C.  As soon as I saw what the theme of the week was going to be this week at I knew exactly the photograph I would submit and here it is:

 Have a great day & be sure to swing by the photo challenge & take a peek at the other hands being showcased this week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

{Scenic Shots} A Painted Morning Sky

TGIF!!!  Hip, hip hooray, lets hear it for Friday.  This is the last thing I'm doing today and then I'm off to bed, unusual for me, as I'm normally more of a night owl than an early bird.  But one of the perks to being the early bird, especially where we live, during the fall/winter is the gorgeous sunrises we get.
I love when our sky is painted in pinks & clouds & sometimes fog. It's gorgeous really and photographs don't do it justice. To see it here, in person is something everyone should witness.'s a little peek at what I get to lay my eyes on every early weekday morning.

And last but not least, a little photo magic, in the form of a composite panorama. Made using 4 images from this morning. (click to see a larger version)

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{My Life} Welcome To October

October pretty much begins my favorite time of year. First of all it's fall & it really starts feeling more fall like & fall is my most favorite of the seasons. Everything about the fall, is warm & cozy in my heart. October pretty much ushers in the holiday season, it seems that after Halloween (which we only celebrate to spend an entire day playing dress-up and cooking up 'silly' food) the other favorite holidays just speed right by and in a brand new year comes. 
October is leaves & pumpkins & rain (or maybe even snow) & cozy drinks in the warm house. We get to visit the pumpkin patch and do fun projects.

Here's to October and the beginning of a grand 3 months (my gosh they all look so small and's a wonder what a year can do for a kid)