Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's 10 T time {10 Things}

Ten things I must do tomorrow (that have carried over for a couple of days--a week--now):

1. Clean out & purge the kids' clothes/shoes
2. Finish washing laundry
3. Plan out the rest of this week
4. Work on portrait proposal
5. Make important phone calls

6. Organize desk & file papers
7. Go do bookwork at 4J's Empty Nest
8. Work out
9. Catch up house work (mopping/bathrooms/vacuuming)
10. Work on finishing big quilt--so I can work on the girls' redesign

One of our weekends out & about, we spent the day at a lake, fishing, picnic, swimming...lots of summer fun.


Denise Olson said...

hello busy lady!!!! that is quite a list....I did mine but already misplaced it, LOL!!! Hope all is well at the Pratt household. xoxo

Amanda said...

Hey! It is quite the list--and the sad part is its not even the full thing. :( I have misplaced it several times this week, along with the motivation to complete any of it. Things are good here, busy, fun, summery. Hope you're well also. Hugs!