Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's A week {My Life}

We're starting a little 'pre-school' work with Anna & this week is A Week.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday we will have school time, & Thursdays we will do Project time. I haven't got all the kinks or details worked out yet, but I was needing some sort of structure to our day & that is one thing on the want to accomplish list.
Even our dinner on those days are planned to have something with "A" in them. Monday night was Alfredo, Asparagus & Apricots... we've had apples, learned about ants & practiced writing both uppercase & lowercase "A", & even choosen our movie of the day to be Aladdin, because of the A.

Grace thinks that she has now outgrown her highchair, and found something new to climb...ugh...Occasionally I'll give in to her new found love of sitting in a big chair at the big table, but only if we're eating something not too disasterously messy. Like this wasn't too messy & she actually ate more than landed on the floor for once.

Grace has also decided that anytime the camera comes out, it's to take a photo of her & she instantly goes into "cheese" mode...

It seems like we've been on the go almost everyday this it's only fitting that Brody's 1st photo is in his carseat, looking ever so intently...only moments before I grabbed my camera he was smiling at me...
Beyond our 1st week of seems to be the week that everything goes wonky. Waking up to snow in mid-April is unacceptable, especially after a weekend of warm sunshine. But we will trudge on & look forward to a hopfully accurate forecast of sunshine & warmer weather for the next few days.

Mr Brody, resting, his favorite thing to do this week. But I suppose it's a good thing, sleeping off the germs his sisters shared with him. :(
Off to get some much needed rest....we have a few more busy days this week & then it's a visiting type of weekend. My little brother will be coming home from college & he's bringing his girlfriend. It should be fantastic. Maybe I can sneak in a few new portraits....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter {My Life}

I'm sneaking in a few moments while the baby is sleeping, the middle is content, & the eldest is coloring to post a couple new photos of the aformentioned wee-ones.
We had a nice Easter, although would have prefered todays weather as opposed to the wind, rain & snow we had yesterday.
Saturday evening we dyed our eggs. Anna loved seeing the colors, Grace only wanted to eat the colors (and pour the cups out onto the floor/table), Brody slept (seems to be a recurring theme with that boy!).
We started our Easter morning with something out of the ordinary...Ham & Cheese Omlette, Orange Sweet rolls, strawberries with fresh whipped cream & was very yummy. After breakfast we went started the bathing & dressing & hairdos, trying to leave home before noon... Brody had his first bath, which he slept through & the girls gave the floor in their bathroom a bath.
Then it was time to attempt an Easter day portrait with a ready for a nap temper-tantrum, a hungry boy, & their bossy-est wasn't very successful, but at least it's documented.
We spent the glorious day over at my cousins, with a mixture of family & friends & had a great time.
& now it's Monday...definately a Monday. I've got a house that looks like a tornado visited & lots of chores to accomplish, so that we can have a late Easter dinner with my sister & her family before they move this week. :`( I'm off to start by putting the middle down for her nap & take advantage of one less pair of 'helping' hands.
Hope you all enjoy the week. & maybe I'll be back with more photos & possibly a recipe or two this week.