Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Boy {Newborn}

Life is great, we are adjusting, slowly, but we are adjusting. It's going a lot easier than I had anticipated, thank goodness!
I took a few moments this past weekend to capture the Little Mr's newborn is a sneak peak at one of my favorites. Hopefully at some point this week I'll also be able to get our family Easter/spring portraits done as well.

A little sleepy sweet!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's Here {My Life}

He's here!!! & we're finally home.

Brody James was born at 8:06am on March 16th.

He weighed in at 8lbs 11oz & is 20.5 inches long.

He's absolutely wonderful. He hardly cries *except for at night, when we'd like to be resting*, eats well, & loves to snuggle. & did I mention that he's incredibly adorable.
Everything went well & now we're on the making the big adjustment of 3 kids & getting back on our schedule.

The girls are pretty smitten with their little brother, especially Anna. Grace however, is having some jealousy issues (also known as I'm not going to look at, talk to, or even give loves to my mom).

Off to get some rest in...maybe we'll watch a movie.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maternity Portrait {My Life}

I was in need of getting some belly shots for this pregnancy & waited until the almost last possible moment.

Yes it's huge, okay, beyond huge... yes there's only one... yes I'm ready...yes, yes, yes...

A month ago, he was on track to be a 9+ pounder & I'm pretty sure he won't disappoint...there's also lots of extra fluid. So not only am I packing around a 'toddler' who probably won't be coming out potty trained, I get to lug around this extended size swimming pool.

What could be more comfortable than that?!? Oh, did I mention that not even maternity clothes fully cover the belly? That makes it incredibly comfortable to go out in public...thankfully, there's only 36 hours left!

I have a wonderfully terriffic hubby who not only helped me out with this task, because I couldn't manage to get some self portraits, but he also got a few snaps in on Thursday evening to help capture my hot new do.

Me & My Girls (a rare photo for sure...mental note to self-get in more pics with the kids/hubby)

I hadn't had an official hair style change since Anna was born (which was 3 years ago) so it was time for a little change. She took about 5 inches off & it's mostly in a single layer. I love it, hubby loves it, which is the whole point of getting cute right?!?!

Off to relax a bit tonight, as the anxious, nervous, excited emotions all kick in & we get ready for our last 36 hours as a family of four!