Tuesday, January 8, 2008

366-Tall Chilly Snowflakes


Actually tons of them. That's not fog in the background between the trees, it's blowing snow. At 50+MPH today. We're having blizzard like conditions and blowing snow warnings. Chains are required pretty much everywhere, so we're staying home :-(
I'm ready for spring and summer already!


Tall: So hubby got bored sitting at home (I'm actually suprised he's not buggy, this is the 4th week that he's been out of work and unable to find any) so we drove into town (about 10 miles) too see how they weathered the storm. So, being the photographer enthusiast I took my camera. Everything was plastered with snow and so BEAUTIFUL!

The wind was still blowing. Some places had drifts 5 feet tall. Most of the people we saw out and about were either shoveling or snowblowing driveways and paths. The wind made snowcliffs that hung out about 3 feet.


Linda said...

Brrrr. Yes, stay home, warm and safe!

Dogeared said...

New photo Blog for 366 and 12 of 12!


(could you change the links you have for me - in your side panel and credit links? Thanks! This Blog I can now show to my work colleagues without them reading more private posts and rants!)

And I wish we'd get some snow (enough for me to stay home!). The wind was howling around the outside of our building today! I say huddle in with soup, blankets and a DVD!

Dogeared said...

Oh extra photos! Very pretty with the snow in the trees!

Hibe said...

Hi, Amanda
This is Gary AKA Hibe. I’m also participating in the “366 Photos for 2008” challenge. My blog address is Hibe's 366 Photos. In order to follow what everyone is doing, I have added links to participant’s blogs including yours. I’m sending this note to everyone I’ve added out of courtesy to make sure that this is agreeable with them. If you wish for me to remove the link, please e-mail me at Hibe@rcn.com or leave a comment for me on my blog.

I’m looking forward to see what you and everyone else comes up with over the next 12 months.