Monday, January 7, 2008

366 Playing catch-up

I know I said I was going to post on Sunday evenings, but since it's the 7th already and I've only got 2 themes posted so far, I thought I would go ahead and post 2 more tonight and play catch-up.

This is currently the state of my desk. The end of the year filing and inputting information into the computer along with the other daily tasks and mail just seem to pile up. Hopefully by the weeks end it won't look anything like that, but hey it is still early in the year, lots to do.

Yesterday when I set out to take a photo specifically for "Commitment" this was one of the first ideas I had. Then I looked at my daughter and knew commitment meant much more at this stage in my life. So from the set-up I did, this is my most favorite shot of our rings. The others were simply laying flat on a page, but I thought these had more depth and conveyed more emotion.

Enjoy! Happy Shooting and will probably post more before Sunday rolls around...

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