Sunday, January 6, 2008

366 Photos for 2008

The idea of this Challenge is to take 366 pictures during the year 2008, each one depicting one of the 366 themes that have been specified. The themes can be taken in random order, and the pictures don't absolutely have to be one per day.
However I am making a change to the original. Original rules disallow Photoshopping, I am allowing myself to post process and enchane in the digital darkroom.

Every Sunday evening I will be posting the photos from the previous week. The first photo-blog will be posted on Sunday 1-6-2008. Check back soon to see the progress.

Original idea is from: and

Thanks for checking and happy that is!!


Dogeared said...

Ooh yay for another person doing it! (OK the idea wasn't originally mine, but as most people now doing it seem to use my list, I still get excited seeing new people join!)

Those are lovely pictures - the first one looks like one of those you see on those vintage black and white cards, that have cute pictures of kids and then a funny line or thoughtful quote, you know?

Glad hubby found his ring :-)

(do you mind if I add your Blog to my sidepanel and keep reading? Just thought it'd be polite to ask ;-)


Dogeared said...

Oh, I just thought - could you make the link in this post go to

Thanks! I wish I'd thought and decided to have a photoblog right from the start of this challenge!