Wednesday, January 9, 2008

366-All Caught Up

Okay, so I so enjoy this challenge that I'm officially changing my "update every Sunday" to I'll try to post something everyday. I can't wait until Sunday!! So check back often for more!

Almost everyone I know has some sort of coin collecting jar, mug, or container. However our doesn't get additions like it used to, but that means that hubby is working local, so it's a good thing.


Politics, I just got this in the mail yesterday and thought that adding a little bit of comic book/cartoon feel to it would perfectly sum up my thoughts about politics. Just get the job done people, quit the B*tchin' and sucker punching one another, work together and get it done. Stop acting like babies!

Finally all caught up! That's 9 photos down and 357 to go. Happy Shooting!


Dogeared said...

I was reading on our work intranet today, about the 2008 events that the company journalists will be covering (I work for a company best known for its news coverage, but I work in its financial data bit), and they mentioned Super Tuesday - or as it's now been dubbed (due to the bigger than normal number of states doing it then) Super Duper Tuesday.

Such a quintessentially American thing sounding so very British. It tickles me!

Jenifer Clark said...

Amanda, Your site is just beautiful. I really like how you have smaller photos and several of them in one post. I look forward to seeing more of your work.