Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Kristen and Angie, a mother & daughter

It's almost been a week since I went out and visited with Kristen & her mamma.

Last Thursday evening, was just gorgeous; we had beautiful weather, and by that, I mean it wasn't nearly as hot as it could have been in August, a delightful sunset and we got to hang out with swarms of mosquitoes. I had a great time photographing these two (and we threw in a couple extras) and am having a difficult time choosing which images to showcase. There were so many beautiful photos from that evening.

 One of my favorite things about shooting on-location, and not in a tiny little studio somewhere (of course I would love to have a dedicated shooting space indoors, especially during winter months), is the availability of unique props. Sometimes it's the least likely items and places that make some of the most beautiful portraits.
This little tub made a great place to kick up a leg & rest a bit.
 Who would have thought an irrigation ditch could be so beautiful...these ladies made it look GOOD!
It wouldn't have been a complete session without the Man in the house. What a great sport. :)
 We shared lots of laughs. I think at this particular moment, I was actually being carried away by about 15 dozen mosquitoes (and I even used some repellant before we started).

The ladies were late in getting the little guys some dinner, and they promptly let us know about it, in fact, they tried eating the shirt right off Kristen's back. 

This is probably one of my most favorite images from the night. Such a pretty lady and those eyes are SO blue.

Thank you ladies for a great session. I'll be in touch with you this week with the rest of your proofs.

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