Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Baby T

Okay, so this is not the typical sneak peek, this one is super special (and a little photo heavy).
Not only was Baby T a difficult little client (I think he must take after his momma) but he's also my brand new nephew!! I was so excited that my sister & her family decided to make the journey home from Eugene this past weekend. It was so nice to visit & especially great to love on this little bundle. Our session were fairly quick, due to the little man wanting to eat every half-hour or so and he never really got to sleep until the afternoon. Of course it wasn't the typical scheduled session (we actually spread it out over the whole day), but we made due with what we could.

I was inspired by several things for this next shot, and although it didn't work exactly like I had envisioned, I still love, love how it came out.

 A gorgeous momma & her sweet little baby.

 The little Sweet Pea!

Another one of my favorite images. I'm loving the Summer Newborn series, where we can get the little guys outside.

 The Little Mr. would.not.sleep. Which is okay, we got some shots with those big blue baby eyes.
 The proudest big brother, even if he does try to bargain, trade and finagle things for his new baby brother.  (no he wasn't pinching him, although I'm sure it crossed his mind a time or two, Baby T was just letting us know he was ready to eat, yet again!)

So glad you guys came to visit & had me do some newborn portraits for you. I'll get your whole gallery up soon.


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