Friday, August 19, 2011

(Sneak Peek) Elizabeth & Tim, Engaged

I love shooting babies, toddlers, and families, but that's not all I shoot. I actually love getting to photograph lots of things, including high school seniors, couples &  I take a limited number of special events each year.  Tim & Elizabeth are one of those special events, scheduled for 2012.  That's right, they'll be getting hitched next summer and I'll be there capturing all those little moments for them. I'm super excited for them & for their wedding. Last Saturday evening we did their engagement portraits & I love, love, love what we came up with. 

Here is a little peek into the fun we had. 

This was quite the adventure...I was sure the 'brothers' had rigged up the hammock. :)

We actually had quite a few adventures during their session, including the circle of bovine on-lookers.


This last one is quite possibly one of my most favorite shots ever. 

I am an idea gatherer, notebooks, magazine clippings, miscellaneous mismatched notes jotted on scraps of paper.  Often times the ideas & inspirations are just begging to come out & play,  but they get stashed away until just the perfect moment. Making portraits in the evening is one of my favorites, not only is the light gorgeous, but this time of year, it's starting to cool down & get a little breezie by then. I don't shoot much in the evenings because that's when most little people head to bed & well, since I do a lot of child and family portraits, you see how this is going, things don't always match up.

Everything finally came together & I was able to get this shot of the two love-birds.

You guys were awesome! I can't wait to hang out with you again and photograph you some more. I'll be in touch with you this week with the rest of your proofs.

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Sara said...

These pics are GORGEOUS!! Would Love to have you join the sweet little photo swap going on right now on my blog!! ;)