Sunday, September 11, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Miss M turns 4

Last Tuesday I had the privledge of photographing Miss M for her 4 year portraits. This isn't the first time that Miss M and I have gotten to visit though, I've been photographing the little beauty since she was 6 months old. I love the lasting relationships that come with photographing families. I am so lucky that not only do I get to photograph them as my clients, but also as my friends. 

Here's a little recap of Miss M's growth from 6 months.

Miss M is one of the cutest girls I know, she sweet, independent & full of energy. Photographing the little sweetie is like trying to keep the energizer bunny in one spot.

Here she is now, almost a full, 4 years old.
She was a tough little cookie this time, I pulled out almost every trick in the book to get her to crack her real, beautiful smile.

 Some of my favorite captures are those ones that are just in the moment, not really posed at all, but true expressions & emotions.  I just love these 2 parent photos, caught with a little game of "hide n' seek".

Towards the end of her session, we got out the chalk, well Miss M's momma got out the chalk & her sweet little brother helped by dumping the entire bucket out on the concrete slab. She showed me how she could make M's and then I had her draw some birthday balloons and then captured this one.

I brought along a little dress-up fun this time, which was a rarity. I normally don't do a ton with props. I like shooting my clients with their things, in their environment, making their portraits all about them, but who doesn't love a little dress up.
The little miss was a great model for this petti-skirt and even did a tiny twirly dance, showing off the ruffles. (clicking this last image will bring up the larger version)

Thank you guys for such a wonderful session, I'll be getting with you soon for your gallery & can't wait to see what your Holiday session produces. Big hugs & Happy Birthday to Miss M!!

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