Monday, January 18, 2010

Remembering...{My Life}


It brings tears, & sadness, but also allows us to rejoice in the good & happy.

It's hard to believe how quickly 5 years has gone by, and how so much can change in such a relativly short amount of time.

5 years ago today, we lost our Granny. She was more than Granny, she was incredible, & thinking about her tonight, makes my heart swell with love & happiness.

Remembering all the good that we shared in the 20 years that I shared with her on earth. All the laughs, and smiles...and even the tears. Many nights staying up late playing Rummy, eating a bowl of Corn Flakes (extra sugar), watching & listening to TV. Hearing her sing, songs by her favorite artists & attempting to teach me the guitar (not very well, cause I still can not play). I could write pages upon pages of memories of my Granny.

I will just share a photo, one of my favorite photos.

Granny helping me adjust my gloves for my Aunt's wedding. This framed image was given to me as a wedding gift & sat in the front alter at my wedding. It is definately very, very special to me.

(niether of these were taken by me, the original photo is one from my aunts wedding, & the photo of the photo, was taken by Rare Images at my wedding.)

There are a couple more images of Granny on this post:

I still miss & love her so much. Until we meet again up where the angels fly...

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