Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weather {Project 52}

One of my goals this year is to take at least one photograph per week. So I've adapted a challenge to suit my style & schedule, and instead of taking a photo a day, I've assigned a 'theme' to each week of the year, 52 of them, hence the name Project 52.

The first week, theme was Affection, I posted a couple 'affectionate' photos from last week.

This week the theme I assigned was "Weather".

...We have a GORGEOUS view of Mt Shasta from our home, and lately, we've been awaking to fog, yucky, wet, gray, depressing, fog. However, somedays it's amazing...amazing that it doesn't settle into every little place, or even reach into the highest places (those would be clouds right?!). Sunday, the fog was having one of it's better days, and graced us with this beautiful framing of the Mountain. About 30 minutes later, it was completely socked in & we couldn't see any of this...what a way to start the day....

I may get a couple more 'weather' shots up this week. The winds here have been crazy, at one point we were having 42mph winds with gusts up to 49mph. The fence line surrounding our house & the property, is currently disguised with Tumble weeds, so many in fact, that the County road crew was out this morning, with a plow, front end loader & dump truck, clearing the roadway...it's quite a sight.

Next week there won't be the lengthy explanation, just the photo, theme {5 senses} & a little about the image(s).

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Stacey J. said...

Gorgeous shot Amanda! And great idea!