Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 Senses--part 1 -- {Project 52}

Week 3 for Project 52
Theme: 5 Senses

I'm actually going to try to get something for all 5 senses this week, so that means 5 photos for this theme, a challenge to remember to get them done...

You can't touch, smell, hear, or taste these weather wonders... but you most definately can see them.

Sense 1: Sight

It's the pits having a cold or head congestion. My biggest complaint this week, is losing my sense of smell, which also leads to not being able to taste much... when I thought of smell yesterday, the only thing I could think of was not having it & trying anything & everything to get it back...and on this day 3 of congestedness--no relief!

Sense 2: Smell

Hopefully I will have a few more senses to post this week. Today we are cooped up inside, the weather is dreary. Cold, rainy, windy & some parts around here even have snow...

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