Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New...{My Life}

Beginnings....a new dreams, ideas & projects...a new baby.....lots & lots of new.
Happy 1st week in the New Year.

I've been busy getting end of year paperwork & new year paperwork completed, along with starting to plan a birthday party for 2 very special girls, and beginning to get things in order for a new baby to come into our house.
If you are interested in having your portraits made by me prior to May 1st, you need to make your appoinment before March 10th, which is the last day I will be working until May 1st so that I can have my little boy & recover from the surgery.
New Years Eve/Day was pretty uneventful for our family. I woke up on NYE with the worst migrane I've ever had, thankfully it subsided somewhat so that I could take a few photos at my sister & brother-in-laws vow renewal.

We were in bed by 10 & up on NY day by 7:30, to tackle my least favorite mom-job, cleaning house. Lately I've been into getting things more organized, maybe it's getting ready for the baby, maybe it's just for a little sanity....
I have been working on getting lots of new stuff ready for the business, starting with the 1st edition of the Client Connection, a monthly newsletter that will go out (tentativly) the first week of every month. Adding a few new services & products, along with changing the pricing structure around a bit. Hoping that 2010 is the best year for business so far.

Thank you to my wonderful clients from 2009 for helping me grow & learn. You've all been wonderful & I am looking forward to capturing many moments for you in the coming months.
At home, we're still planning meals 2 weeks at a time, but I've been trying to pick a few recipes each time from a new magazine or different cookbook, something we haven't had before or a new twist on old flavors. One of the things I did this week was make a cake (I don't bake on a regular basis, but enjoy it the same).
I chose the White Chocolate Raspberry Torte (Taste of Home Dec/Jan 2010). The cake is yummy, not really heavy & the filling is yummy, really raspberry-ish. But the frosting that tops this thing... is Oh.My.Goodness. YUMMY! Light, fluffy, yummy. I now know what kind of frosting will be topping my girls' birthday cake.

1 pkg cream cheese, softened
1 cup vanilla chips, melted & cooled
1 carton frozen whipped topping, thawed
Beat up the cream cheese until fluffy, beat in the melted chips, fold in the whipped topping.

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