Thursday, September 15, 2011

{My Life} They only look sweet

I sent my camera off a week or so ago for a cleaning, adjustments & a couple repairs it finally came back on Tuesday & I hadn't really tested it out yet. It was a nice & cool, overcast day today (it really felt a lot like fall, yay!), which gives off lots of nice even lighting. So I coordinated some outfits for the kids and we went out in the yard for a quick little shoot.

Of course, rounding up my own herd, is worse than trying to herd a bunch of cats, but we pulled off a couple shots.  I even managed to get in a few thanks to the girls who love taking turns pressing the shutter button with the camera set up on the tripod.

I noticed a couple months ago that the number of photos of me with my kids are almost nil. There are tons of the children, lots with the kids & daddy, but mom is pretty much non-existent in photo form, so it's been a goal (urged from a little scrappers forum challenge) to get in more shots, no matter how I'm feeling about my looks. After all, when the time comes it really won't matter what I was wearing of it my hair was done. If I'm gone, they will only care that they have something to remember me with.

Here is one of my favorites from tonight.

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