Monday, September 26, 2011

{Local Events} Montague Balloon Fair

This past weekend was the Montague Rotary Balloon Fair. It's one of our favorite local events. We make it a point to attend every year, it's like a little family tradition for the past 6 years. Normally we do an early morning, watch the balloons go up, do breakfast (usually at my mom's), just hang out for a bit until the parade that runs downtown.
This year it was pretty much the same except I left my husband home alone to gather up the kids & head into Montague & I was with my aunt and grandpa. My favorite part of the morning is when the sun starts breaking over the hills & casting it's beautiful orange-y glow on everything. The other thing special for this year was that we built a float for Amanda Pratt Photography & entered the parade. It was a super fun thing for the kids. Our float was a prize winner as well.

The ascension starts of with a single balloon, carrying the American flag as the national anthem is sung.

 Then it's mass chaos of filling balloons, fans & people.

The kids graciously (errr, more like forced) posed for a quick photo together.

This year it seemed the wind was drifting a different direction & I could get Mt Shasta in the photos without doing too much traveling from the launch site.

Here is our float in all of it's before/after the parade, windy Montague afternoon glory.

Have a great day!

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