Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Western Lifestyle} A time to sort & send off

I've spent this year working on growing. I did a post about this near the first part of the year. My plan & focus for the year is "Growth"; be it for business, skill, creativity or relationships, etc, it pretty much pulls in every aspect of this life. One of the things I'm doing more of this year is shooting for me. No 'rules', no time limits, no pressure, just shooting what I love.

One of my all time favorite things is the 'western lifestyle'.  I'm working on adding more of that to my portfolio, thankfully, I can pretty much go anywhere in this county and be exposed to that.  Even more than that, is I can go to my teenage "home" and live it, up close & first hand. 

A couple weeks ago, I got up nice & early to head out to the house for a morning of cattle sorting. It was a beautiful morning, the rising sun, much like the setting sun creates gorgeous light. ♥   Here are a few images from that little adventure, starting with the beautiful rising sun. 

 Mr Rowdy, sharing his "Jet-A Fueled" breakfast with Sally, the 'cow dog' (or so she thinks, she's slightly senile in her old age)

 Even the star-thistle & fox-tail looks gorgeous at slightly before 7 a.m.

The calm before the storm.

 And here they come...

One of my favorite shots.

Everyone getting settled.

 In the alley, waiting for the 'in' or 'by' call.

Thankfully, these little 'friends' stayed put while we were out & about.


 Important tool.

Such a fabulous morning. Excited & ready for the next adventure as well. 

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