Sunday, April 3, 2011

{Sneak Peek} A Promo Session

I don't know if you've seen, but I'm looking for some new faces. Specifically babies, but also toddlers & even kids. This little sweetie is one of those new faces. We had a fun, unpredictable little session out at her house.
 Where her momma & I chased her up & down the driveway, trying to semi-corral her for a couple of shots. She pretended like we didn't even exist!! So lets just say, mom & me lost. But the shoot was  a success anyways.

That's one of my favorite parts about photographing the wee-ones, they are so unpredicatable, there will never be 2 sessions the same. Some days they are on, somedays they want to be camera hams & others, well I'm pretty sure if they could talk, they would tell me to "bug off."

This next one is probably one of my most favorite shots to date.

Thank you so much for such a fun time. I'll see you this week for your proofing session.


Lita said...

So sweet!

ChloƩ said...

Adorable pix!! Love the one with the baby cow (sorry, don't know the word for that in english! LOL)