Sunday, April 10, 2011

{Snapshots} My life this week

I know I've talked about getting the blog in order before & this is just another one of those posts. In an attempt to be more regular & scheduled, my goal is to post a look into my life every other Sunday of the month.
So here I am with the first edition of, My Life in Snaps. Random shots from the first week or so of the month of April.
This is sort of what the typical weekend morning looks like. Grace in her crazy hair, Brody sucking down some milk, Anna pouting for who knows what.

Brody has a new fascination with the laundry cart. He WILL.NOT. leave it in the laundry room, instead we find it in every other room of the house, usually with him climbing into it, or hanging on it, sitting in it.   & a banged up nose courtesy of sisters & steps.

The girls & Daddy are on horse stall clean up duty, taking another bucket of stuff to the compost pile.

With a nice little snow storm last week we got to see Ol' Man Winter trying to steal away our spring.  It didn't last long and although it most likely damaged a lot of the fruit trees, it was very pretty on the blossoms.

Evidence of a little frost bite, kisses the blossoms now & even though the snow is far away, today, who knows what our crazy little world will look like tomorrow.

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