Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursdays Top 10

It's been a while since I've done a T's 10.
Today I'm linking you up to 10 websites &/or blogs you should check out.

1. Facebook--become a fan here.  It's a great social networking tool. I look forward to 'seeing' you all there.

2. Sweet Shoppe Designs -- some of THE best digital scrapbooking designers make this their home, an amazing communtiy & inspiring gallery.

3. Pinterest -- a gigantic melting pot of inspiration & ideas, this will suck you in.
 You can follow or repin gorgeous photos like this, think of it as a huge 'clipboard for magazine clippings & inspiration you'd find IRL.

This is NOT my photo, I am not taking credit, nor claiming it in any way. It is very beautiful & inspiring though. Original photo was pinned from: and it appears to originally be from BHG.

4. Pandora -- nothing like customized 'radio' stations to make the hours tick off a little sweeter.

5. A Bowl Full of Lemons -- this blog makes you want to clean something out & make it look pretty.

6. Make It & Love it -- I'm currently in love with crafty blogs, they go right along with my brainstorm.

7. Sweetest Kitchen -- another favorite thing to search, recipes. I love trying new recipes. This one has some goodies.

8. Etsy -- all the handmade, vintage goodness you could lay eyes on. Oh. my. Goodness. I could spend a lot of money here.

9. Blogger -- I check in here several times a day, following other bloggers. I also run both my Photo Blog (you're already here)  & Scrap blog from here.

10. Amanda Pratt Photography -- of course, how could I run a Top 10 websites & not send you on over there.  I'll be updating the Portfolio pages in the next couple of days, this will be one of the new additions there.


Balinda {RebelChick} said...

♥ your top 10! I can easily spend HOURS on etsy.

HeyJude said...

Awesome blog list Amanda! I think I need an extra 12 hours a day just for surfing the Internet :)