Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Little Bug

I can not believe how fast the last 4 years have gone.

Today, my little Anna Bugs, turns 4 years old. It can't be, it just can't be!?! Not only is she having a birthday, but she's also growing into quite the little sassy lady. Goodness, teenage years are going to be... a trial for sure.
 She is changing & becoming more of a 'kid' and out of the toddler/little kid stage. It's a happy & sad time. She's a great helper & when she's not throwing her attitude around she's so much fun.
Here's a little look through the years:

Little Miss'  BirthDay:
 And her first 'portrait':

For her first birthday:
 Every princess must enjoy pink & purple cake on their birthday:

And at 2 years old:
 then there was 3, with a special lunch date & very first flowers from daddy:

& now she's growing up...4 (going on 19):

Happy Birthday my little Cowgirl!!!  We love you.


Stacey said...

The ages and stages were fun to see. Happy Birthday to your little one.

HeyJude said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Great photo spread Amanda - she's beautiful :)

Amanda said...

Thank you!

We're very blessed with beautiful babies. (of course all mommys think that of their own kids right?!)

Balinda {RebelChick} said...

what a lovely montage of photos you put together for her on here. They do grow so fast though. Hope she had a fabulous birthday.