Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Birthday Girl!!

This time it's Happy Birthday to the little Bean!!

2 years ago, I got to experience the joy of another little bundle of love. GraceE joined our family today & we're so blessed. She is a ball of fire & keeps everyone on their toes (literally, because you never know when you'll be run over, ran into or otherwise beat up, yup, she's the middle child & exhibits every characteristic you've ever read of middle children). She's got a soft side though, under her Wild Women, Evil Kanevil exterior. Sweet as sugar, which just happens to be her favorite side dish (if only we indulged her every wish). 

Here's a look back at the last couple of years:

Happy Birth Day Baby Girl:
 First Mommy Portraits:
 A drama queen from the start:
Happy 1st birthday, celebrated with piggie tails & pretty cake:
 (are you seeing a trend yet?!? Notice the unruley hair & wild eyes, haha)

And more recently, through year 2:

 See, still into the over reactive drama:

Yes, that's an I'm pretending to pout & trying super hard not to smile face.
 Happy Birthday, Crazy GraceE Bean!!  We Love you!!

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