Sunday, February 6, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Scharer Family, Montague, Portrait Photographer

I'm back tonight with a sneak peek !!
I've been super busy this weekend working on several different projects, I was hoping to get this up earlier today, but time escaped me & it's a little bit later than I had hoped.

I am so excited to show off this session. This session was beautiful, I know, it's winter & everything is drab, but that didn't stop us from getting some amazing images.

Nadia won a session over on my Facebook Fan page, celebrating the New Year. If you're not a fan already, I highly recommend it, you never know when a special or session opportunity will arise.

Isn't this the cutest.thing. ever!?!  I love this!

 Finally captured that sweet & shy smile. Sometimes it takes a little silly stuff & lots of playing (& work), but its so worth it. I just love capturing the little people (and their parents too). They are precious.

Thank you guys for a wonderful session. I'll be seeing you soon, can't wait to show you your entire proof set.


Stacey J. said...

His little overalls are precious!

Nadia Scharer :) said...

Aww! I love them! :)