Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Adventures {My Life}

This year has flown by, maybe not literally flown, but it has gone super fast! I can't believe it's already November & the Holiday season is upon us. At our house, Halloween, although not a holiday, but a fun day to dress up & make funky food, kicks off the holiday season. It seems that once Halloween is over, the rest of the year is gone before you know it.
Miss Grace is almost 9 months old & weighs in at 19.5lbs & 28". She enjoyed her first halloween, and dressed up as "Cinderelly's Mouse".

...carving--or better described as sampling--her first pumpkin...

...Anna & Daddy working on disecting the seeds, so we could roast them...

Anna enjoys all the projects that holidays & changing seasons bring. Her favorite so far has been painting, anything painting. So she got to paint a couple pumpkins, one we delivered to Great Gramma & one we kept instead of carving 4. She also got to make a construction paper pumpkin with googly eyes, several color pages & turned 2 mini pumpkins into characters for our table centerpiece.

...Masterpieces on the rail...

We had a little "Frankenfeast" for Halloween. The girls' favorite cousin came to visit & we had some fun halloween treats. Mummy Dogs, Pumpkin Pockets, Ghost Berrys, Goblin Popcorn, & Black Widow Dip, all washed down with a little Blood Thirsty Punch.

...Pumpkin Pockets (stuffed with ham & cheese) & Mummy Dogs...

Anna enjoys all of the Disney princess movies. I'm pretty sure we've seen everyone of them at least a couple of times. Her favorites are Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty. This year she went as, in her words, "Cinderelly, Night & Day" and her sister was one of the little mice. I had lots of fun making both of their costumes.

Enjoy your week...I've got a busy one. 2 sessions during the week & a Saturday that is full of 3, so check back soon, there will be lots of new photos this week. YAY for Holiday season.

Only 8 weeks until Christmas!

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