Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Miss A - 3 months

Little Miss A, just turned 3 months. This was our 2nd time meeting up, as she's a Bellys & Baby's club member, and we'll be meeting up again in just a few short months. She is an absolute doll, so sweet and those bright eyes, ahh.. I love being able to capture her.

If you remember from the her 'late' newborn session, her daddy is a fireman, so here is her special 3 month "fireman' pose. I'm super excited to get to her 1 year mark & put them all together. It will be such a fun way to see how she's grown.

It was also her big brothers turn to celebrate a milestone, so we did a little mini-session with him as well. He loves his baby sister so much (and KISS - you know the band that was so popular in the 80's-, as well as a few other things).

Thank you guys so much for another great session.  I'll be seeing you Monday with your entire proof set. :)

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