Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some artsy-ish stuff

Although I haven't actually committed to P365 or any other photo projects this year. I have chosen a word to represent all that I want from this year. A word to reflect & focus on. While the idea isn't my own (thanks Ali Edwards & others in the scrapping community that have had discussions on this) it's very thought provoking. I've spent the last few days & maybe even a week going through old magazines & tearing out things that inspire me or I want learn more about, do, etc. It's all part of my words process & I'm sure my husband thinks I've lost my marbles (or maybe he thinks that I'm FINALLY cutting down on some clutter).

So for 2011, my focus is GROWTH.

It encompasses many things, but since this is a blog where I share my photography & sometimes my life; my hope for 2011 is that you all get to watch my photography grow & become more of me.
The last couple of days I've made a conscience effort to take some artsy type photos &/or work on my technical skills. The images in this post are a few that I love from my efforts yesterday.

Brody got stuck inside with me yesterday (trying to get over croup) while hubby & the girls' played outside so he became my little subject. I may be looking through mommy goggles, but there's so much about this little portrait that I love. From those super long eyelashes to the tiny little fingers.

Please ignore the completely dirty window which is behind these gorgeous flowers. Which are the exact same flowers, in the exact same spot as the next image.

I really, really like this photograph. I may even print it large & hang it above my desk, someday soon, as I'm in the process of redecorating our house, from the kids' rooms & moving all my photo displays around to different walls, everything is changing & growing.

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