Friday, January 7, 2011

Fog, fog & fog some more

That's about all we've seen since Monday. Fog, fog & more fog. At least at our house, but if we drove into town, we might see some sun. Besides fog the only thing we've seen is frost...lots of frost.
Every rose has a thorn....a thorn of frost that is.

This is how much frost we had yesterday 1/6/2011

This is the amount of frost we had today, 1/7/2011.

Don't let the fog & frost hold you back. Schedule you portrait session with me, for sometime in January for only $75.00 *
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Anna's attack of the middle sister wound. As she was laying on the couch, just minding her own business watching cartoons, her loving little sister, walked up with a sippy cup & threw it at her head.

This is the loving little sister.

Daddy & his little clone.

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Darcy@Somewhat Muddled Musings said...

Those frost shots are awesome!he