Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Little Adventure

Hey!! I'm back..did you miss me?  Did you even know I was away?!?

We spent this past week on a little family adventure. We left Tuesday morning & drove, for about 7 hours, well not all driving time, but total travel time with stops & all. We went to visit my hubs Gramma, whom we hadn't seen since last December when she moved.

It was a great adventure, full of fun, laughs, too much fast food & all the imaginable stress traveling with 2 toddlers (one who is more like a hurricane) & a baby, packed like sardines into a tiny Ford Focus.

We followed & crossed a couple rivers, drove through huge Redwood trees & visited the ocean.
Klamath River, along HWY 96
 Smith River, along HWY 199
(yes it's actually THAT blue & clear & so gorgeous, someday I will photograph it better, this was just on a quick, grab the kids something to snack on stop)
 A scenic side route through the Redwoods along HWY 101
 A stop in Klamath, to drive through a tree.
 Pacific Ocean at Crescent City
We had absolutely gorgeous weather. Mostly sunny, some light morning fog, slight northern breeze that had a wintry bite, but just perfect otherwise.

We spent a little bit of time playing at parks, walked on the beach looking for shells (we actually found 5 WHOLE sand dollars) & just enjoying our time together. It was a rare treat for us to be able to take off in the middle of the week for several days together.
Miss Anna K -- almost 4
My Little Crazy Grace -- almost 2
Mr Sweet & Handsome, Brody J -- almost 1

We're glad to be home, except for the mountain of laundry that exploded into the laundry room. Thankful for our little adventure & even more thankful that we're back. Top that with the oh so beautiful un-January like weather & I'm a happy, mostly productive momma.


**Speaking of un-January like weather, according to Mr. Weatherman, it's supposed to be sunny & decent for the rest of the week. Seeing so much sunshine the past few days has made me extra cheery, so for this week only, if you book your $75 January portrait special, you'll also receive a $15 print credit.**

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