Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Camping Trip

::A Lake that I can't remember the name to, somewhere up by Gumboot::

Our first camping trip of the season was over Memorial Day weekend. Granted we didn't go far (Lake Siskiyou, 40 miles from home), we still took the trailer out and had a wonderful famly time.

Saturday morning we headed out with a low tire, with plans to stop at the tire shop on the way out of town, only to find that he was shut for the holiday weekend. Plan B, drive 6 miles to the gas station that's right on the way. Get there, put air in the tire, it's not holding, rubber around the vavle stem is cracked; put on the spare. Off and running, stop to pick up paycheck that was supposed to be ready Friday, look in the envelope, check is wrong dollar amount, made out to wrong person, check out spare tire, its going flat. On our way, stop at the tire shop, fix original tire, air up spare, on our way again.

::6 miles from home, and already a flat!::

::My entertainment while tire changing is going on (the little 'soso' theif)::

Get to where we are camping, hubby gets out to register, slams his hand in the door, the whole hand. Finally at our campsite, setting up camp, unhitching the 5th wheel, lever breaks off. Things are going along just fine, looks like we're in the clear....WRONG. Eating lunch and hear water flowing, look under the trailer only to find that the hose split in half...ugh. Oh well, fix it later, right now we're going to go down to the lake for a bit and try out the raft. On the last trip in, broke a paddle. And it's only 2pm. Thankfully, nothing else went wrong for the rest of the trip & it was a wonderful time.
We spent our days fishing and just being a family. The oldest caught her first fish while in the 'boat' with Daddy. We would have gotten a picture, but the fish totally freaked her out. I think it was the flopping around. Or could have been the fish that hit her in the head as it came out on a pole?!? Regardless, she LOVES fishing with her own Princess pole.

::"Sishin, roun' it in" (2 year old for I'm fishing, reeling it in"::

::My try at something other than faces::

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