Saturday, December 10, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Lots of Family

So the other day I blogged about being behind the lens & in front of it when we did family portraits with my dad.  Well the next day, it happened again!!! I know right!?!  Go from not having pictures, to twice in one weekend, it was crazy.  Although this session wasn't quite as smooth, warm, or sunny, we made it work & got some really great images.

My most favorite by far, is this one of this kiddos all together.

 And here are the rest of my favorites from the day.

 Pretty sure my little brother is the master at all things funny facial expression:

 I've heard it time & time again, this one's gonna be trouble...but here's what most don't know....this one right here, is already trouble!!! Full of attitude & drama!
 Not to be out drama-ed or attitude-d by her sister though, she just knows how to look a little more innocent!

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