Saturday, December 10, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Dustin & Raine

I talked with these two during the summer about doing some 'western' inspired images and then Dustin's horse decided he was better suited on the ground than on his back, so we post-poned...for a while.  I'm so glad we finally go to put this shoot together. We ventured around their property, down by the creek, up with some old equipment.  It was lots of fun. Thank you guys so much.

 This one, although not exactly ready for the wall (needs a little fine tuning to get the weed out of Dustin's eye) cracks me up. The horse couldn't have picked a better moment to try & grab a bite. ;)

 Another one of those fun moments...

 I really,really love this one.  If only the car was complete...and not a blast back to the Flintstones era, complete with 'foot' pedals.

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