Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{My Life} Welcome To October

October pretty much begins my favorite time of year. First of all it's fall & it really starts feeling more fall like & fall is my most favorite of the seasons. Everything about the fall, is warm & cozy in my heart. October pretty much ushers in the holiday season, it seems that after Halloween (which we only celebrate to spend an entire day playing dress-up and cooking up 'silly' food) the other favorite holidays just speed right by and in a brand new year comes. 
October is leaves & pumpkins & rain (or maybe even snow) & cozy drinks in the warm house. We get to visit the pumpkin patch and do fun projects.

Here's to October and the beginning of a grand 3 months (my gosh they all look so small and innocent...it's a wonder what a year can do for a kid)

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