Sunday, November 6, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Baby T, 3 months

We had a little visitor last week.  My sister and nephews came down for a few days, since her oldest didn't have school. Of course, it was perfect timing for a few Halloween portraits and a couple 3 month photos of my newest nephew Baby Tata (in Grace-ese that means Baby Trevor). And then we just had to wrangle the 5 kids (most under 4) for a 'cousins' shot, which proved that the 8 year old was more difficult than the other 4 combined.
I also did something new this time, and while it didn't quite work like I had it planned in my head, I learned a few things & have them noted for another day, which is always a bonus.

 And the expression here says: ""We are boys, we are anti-cute anything, anti-photo, anti-cooperation. Seriously mom/auntie, Halloween pictures, are not our thing!!!""

The cousins shot, gone all wrong.  Yes it's fall (feeling a bit wintery at the moment). No we don't live where it's warm. Apparently though, my children are in denial that clothing in necessary in their world. They are completely content running a-muck sans pants.

 See you guys soon for a nice Turkey Feast. ♥

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