Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 Things Thursday

I actually waited until Thursday for this week's 10 things post.

10 Things--I accomplished today
1. Got a shower before noon (before 8 am even, that's a MIRACLE)
2. Gave the girls a Tea Party for snack time
3. Made Blueberry Jam (PS if you do this, it splatters ALOT)
4. An afternoon of quiet time
5. Baking
6. Baking some more
7. Baking even more
8. Used up all the zucchini I shredded (about 15 cups worth)
9. Took a few photos
10. Social Networked (lol)

So as you see, today I pretty much just baked. Probably 7 hours worth (give or take time to eat, feed the baby, hang with the hubby, do the dishes *more than once).

Have a great rest of the evening. I've got a busy morning planned, I'm finishing my quilt, since the girls are having a sleep over with Fum-Fum, it'll be quiet around here & I'll be able to stretch it across the living room. But first, I will finish this last batch of muffins & then sleep.

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