Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Mouth Full, Some Jam, & A Sunset {My Life}

Oh how time is flying by these days. Seems like we're super busy, still getting things in order from our move (that's a never ending process), hopefully this weekend we can get it together.

Miss Grace is now 8 months & she officially has 1 tooth for every month, a full mouth! She's also started standing up on her own, without the assistance of toys/furniture/people. Still speed crawling & will walk with assistance of the walker toys. OH BOY are we in trouble soon!
Her personality is so different than her sister, yet similar. She has an assortment of faces & 'pretend' crys & pouts. She babbles a few things, 'dada, nnnnana, maaammaaaaaa' & we're working on a few signs, which she only does in desperation if we're not paying attention to her.

...posing for the camera at breakfast...

Anna is quite the big helper. She enjoys being the little mommy & bossing EVERYONE around. When she's not bossing, she's asking 1,000,000,000,000 questions, which are usually, "What? Why? How Come?", over & over & over. She must do everything, "ALL BY MYSELF".

When she's not asking questions, she's serenading us with songs with half the lyrics her own creation, in varying tones, from loud shrilly, to quiet & somewhat pleasant. Her favorite, is "Twinkle, Twinkle" mixed with a little "Calliou" (a show from Sprout), throw in a little "ABC".

When she's not singing, she's correcting everything we say. Daddy drives a 'pickup, not a truck', and the morning he took my car to work, someone might as well have ended her day. We are to call Grace, baby Grace, not anything else. And she is sure to let us know if we use the wrong nickname for her that her name is Anna Bugs.

...a proud helper, with some of our Jam...

Our neighbors brought us some peaches & I thought we would make some jam, my favorite kind. Little did I know just how many peaches we had. It was a small box & the fruit were only about the size of apricots...we ended up making 4 batches, 16 pints. It was my first experience making jam & enjoyed it. It reminded me of my Granny, she used to can everything. We'll be experimenting with some other flavors in the coming months, Candy Apple Jelly, is next on the list. Our goal for Christmas giving this year is to do all homemade gifts for everyone except the little children. pretty, & super delicious...

Next on the project list was Halloween costumes & treat bags. I've gotten Anna's costume completed, she's going as Cinderella, or as she calls her "Cinderelly, Nite & Day". Grace will be going as one of the little girl mice from the movie as well. I finished up the treat bags yesterday also. Simple little project, 2 pieces of felt, cut into 9" squares, a 5x5 piece of orange fabric for the pumpkin, a sliver of green for the stem, & some ribbon.

...cut out the pumpkins, zig-zag stitch them on, add some ribbon, sew the felt pieces together, add some ribbon handles & the perfect little size treat bag for little ones...

We still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new home & our view. This weekend will be our first adventure feeding the mules, we got our instructions the other day, & Anna was thrilled. She even got to give them some apple treats. Grace thinks they are funny, we visit them at the fence & she just giggles & laughs. Daddy better decide he likes the 4 legged creatures (he doesn't think we need horses), because his girls are in LOVE with them!

...a "Mountian Shasta" sunset from the weekend...

Enjoy a great weekend.

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