Saturday, March 8, 2008

366-Childhood, Duplicate, Pineapple, Pancake

Little Anna growing so fast, and finally has enough hair for pigtails and hair-dos, which she picked out! We're outside at the "home away from home", enjoying a nice pre-spring day. She likes to ride her bike, but can only seem to get it to move in reverse!

We walk down and visit these "twins" everyday. At least while we are staying at the "home away from home". The RV park has a nice pond and lots of green grass. Which Anna loves.


This was a photo I took for another challenge. It was to take a photo of something around you between 10 and 1015am. Since Anna was sleeping, this was my choice for the shot, since it was right there sitting on the counter.


Breakfast on the weekends usually consists of a few things. Most likely bacon, eggs (only for RH and Anna, cause I can't stand them), and pankcakes, waffles, french toast or occasionally biscuits and gravy. Every weekend we have breakfast as a family since we don't get that during the week.

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Mia said...

Lovely picture! You are working your way through the list with much a better speed than me. I've got to get a move on!