Friday, February 22, 2008

366-Rainbow, Take Away, Friendship

Rainbow: This is from our drive home late this afternoon. We were on the hind end of a huge downpouring, and this caught my eye.

Take Away:

We don't normally go out, and definately don't live where we get delivery. But when we go visit and help out "Gramma" she insists we go to dinner. These are our "take away" boxes

Friendship: Anna's cousin is her best buddy. She loves when he comes to play and misses him a lot when he goes back home. These were taken the day of her birthday party. She's figured out the cutest little "trick" with her to stick it out!


Mia said...

Beautiful rainbow! I think it's going to be thai here tonight after seing your boxes.

Gorgeous little friends. :)

Linda said...

What a wonderful rainbow! And, Anna is a DOLL!

Linda said...

The rainbow shot is gorgeous! I love how you left the huge sky with just a tiny glimpse of the ground. Very effective.