Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Wordless Wednesday} Vacation Edition

Check this out...a scheduled blog post; & it's more than the normal sneak peek, but a look at the little mini-vacation that I got to take with my sweet hubby to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and a bit of an early birthday to me.  In fact this is almost the exact thing we did, 5 years ago, to celebrate our wedding and my birthday.

We headed to Las Vegas. City of Sin, Dry Heat & a gazillion people walking around 1/2 dressed like ants

We however, dislike the heat enough that we tried to avoid day time on the strip (& most night times too). We ventured out to Hoover Dam though, it was huge. One thing I didn't do a lot of while we were there...take pictures. I didn't want to lug around the camera & a purse & water, so most of the time, I ditched the camera & purse and just enjoyed having a few moments with my hubby.
Here's a quick glimpse of the few photos I did take though. It was Richie's first time flying, so we got a couple shots of familiar places; one of which was Medicine Lake (we won't be fishing there yet, it's still frozen).

Our motel & rental car, that we got a free upgrade on, so instead of a Kia Rio, we were able to cruise in a Nissan Cube.

Hoover Dam & Mead Lake

 The Great West Truck Show

 Seriously, show trucks are GORGEOUS, both inside & out. There's lots & lots of chrome & shiny. We saw the largest limo ever, an entire trailer sized limo, it was amazing. Decked out interiors complete with cowhide & leather, seriously ahhhh!! A hay trailer, complete with huge glitter flakes. Now, it's not really my thing, but I know how happy it makes the ol' man, seeing as he used to show, way back in the day and has a few trophys to show for it.

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