Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A late sneak - Mt Shasta Roller Derby

I'm back with that sneak peek from the other day. I had the opportunity again to go out & hang out with Mount Shasta Roller Derby. We did a new group shot as well as some individual shots this time. I can't believe that since I first visited with them in October how much they've grown & expanded; I'm sure I'll be back to hang with them soon, as there were a couple of ladies missing for photos.

They're an amazing group of women (and some guys that hang too) that meet several times a week, roller skating and polishing up their skills.

Here's a little info about this awesome, talented & kick booty team.

------Introducing the first ever Skater-Owned, Womens Flat Track Roller Derby team right here in our hometown of Mt. Shasta, CA where we rock AND roll. We welcome anyone to come check us out and see what the hype is all about .. No dues or fees necessary. Put your game face on and show us what ya got !!! See ya on the track baby ♥-------

If you want more info or you're interested in having a great time & joining in on the fun check them out!!!

Thank you ladies (& gents) for having me out to photograph you, can't wait to see some more action from you!!

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