Friday, October 8, 2010

He's a growing boy {Sneak Peek}

Okay, so it's not technically a sneak peek for me, but for the rest of the world. My hubby got off early yesterday & the weather was somewhat decent, and by this I mean, partly sunny & slightly breezie & cool, so I had this fabulous idea that we would take Brody's official 6 month portraits.

Momma's little cowboy!

Except he's almost 7 months now, but whatever it works. Did you know that photographing your own children is almost like herding cats into a swimming hole?! Nearly impossible without some sort of frustration, bribery, maybe a tear or two. Lets just say I'm not really looking forward to attempting our family portraits in a month of so.

We did it, they are done & oh, my, goodness, could this little boy be ANY cuter?!? Not to mention so happy (although he doesn't look all that happy here, he's completely happy, content & mellow), which is a huge blessing considering the girls use up all my whiney, fighting, crying, complaining, drama nerves.

This next photo was actually one of the first, before Grace decided that she'd rather stand in the wagon, & then run away. Originally they were sitting in the wagon, all together, cute like, but NO, not going to have it like that!!

And this quite possibly could be one of my favorite portraits. He's just so sweet.

Hopefully I'll be back on Sunday evening with some Scraps & more some more photos.

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