Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter {My Life}

I'm sneaking in a few moments while the baby is sleeping, the middle is content, & the eldest is coloring to post a couple new photos of the aformentioned wee-ones.
We had a nice Easter, although would have prefered todays weather as opposed to the wind, rain & snow we had yesterday.
Saturday evening we dyed our eggs. Anna loved seeing the colors, Grace only wanted to eat the colors (and pour the cups out onto the floor/table), Brody slept (seems to be a recurring theme with that boy!).
We started our Easter morning with something out of the ordinary...Ham & Cheese Omlette, Orange Sweet rolls, strawberries with fresh whipped cream & was very yummy. After breakfast we went started the bathing & dressing & hairdos, trying to leave home before noon... Brody had his first bath, which he slept through & the girls gave the floor in their bathroom a bath.
Then it was time to attempt an Easter day portrait with a ready for a nap temper-tantrum, a hungry boy, & their bossy-est wasn't very successful, but at least it's documented.
We spent the glorious day over at my cousins, with a mixture of family & friends & had a great time.
& now it's Monday...definately a Monday. I've got a house that looks like a tornado visited & lots of chores to accomplish, so that we can have a late Easter dinner with my sister & her family before they move this week. :`( I'm off to start by putting the middle down for her nap & take advantage of one less pair of 'helping' hands.
Hope you all enjoy the week. & maybe I'll be back with more photos & possibly a recipe or two this week.

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Chantal Miller said...

those are some gorgeous photos. Ham and cheese omlets... yum!